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Corsets Galore

Gentleman Jack has everything I have ever wanted in a show: lesbians, corsets, the 1800s, and the English countryside. So yes, even if the show stunk, I still would have watched every episode inches away from the screen. But lucky for me, it was good, really fucking good. It’s a queer show that isn’t about explaining or sexualizing queerness for straight people.

I was raised at the teet of Jane Austin, and I’ve spent my whole queer life dreaming of women in corsets, sitting in drawing rooms, painting portraits, with the afternoon light illuminating their ennui.

Perpetually dreamy, Suranne Jones…

Me pretending to be a tortured artist by Zoë Andrikidis

By Rose Arscott

They’re wearing their sunglasses inside. A clear attempt to cover up their eyes, dry from staying up all night tossing and turning over their dark and incredible thoughts. Gravitating towards a dimly lit alcove, they look gorgeous and unwell as they lean themselves up against the wall. They seem to have a special instinct for finding the best corner to brood in. They pull out a notebook and start writing a transcendent poem that is sure to completely subvert the genre and turn the poetry world on its head.

The Tortured Artist: painfully beautiful, struggling to get…

To my dearest friend,

First of all, I want to say I’m so sorry it took me so long to write to you. I’ve been working through some of my own stuff over the past few years and I didn’t know you were suffering so much too. Honestly, it’s funny how alone you can feel as a bisexual prince and then you realize we are all out here feeling so alone, together.

Anyway, I wanted to write this letter to let you know I love you, darling. I’m devastated that this has been so hard for you. If I had…

My insides have been eviscerated.

I’m DED.

My stomach hurts and maybe I’m dying.

It’s like this crushing pressure.

It’s just so painful. I cannot handle


Just a few texts my friends and I have exchanged about a TV show we all love. In the devastating aftermath of Fleabag, season two, I am curious about what Fleabag did to us and why our collective emotional ruining is something it seems we were all longing for. …

Rose Arscott

Rose is a New York-based oyster lover. Also, an artist. They|Them Instagram @posle Twitter @roseongtheway Website rosearscott.com

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